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Lessson 1: The Business Model Canvas

Hunter Nelson July 13, 2021

The first step in creating a resilient business model is the Business Model Canvas. Developed by experienced entrepreneur and Stanford instructor Steve Blank, this tested model has been used by countless startups. It’s part of the National Science Foundation’s I-Corps curriculum, and also taught at business schools worldwide.

Today, you’re going to take this proven model and use it to save yourself a lot of time and stress. You’ll start building your business on the framework that others have tested, so that you are ahead of the game.

In this lesson, we’ll

  • Learn what the Business Model Canvas is
  • Download our own copy of the Canvas
  • Get real-world case studies of the Canvas in action
  • Start to draft out our business model using the canvas
Watch this video that explains the Business Model Canvas
Learn all about the Business Model Canvas from Steve Blank, its inventor

Ok, now that you know a little bit about what the Business Model Canvas is, it’s time to dive in to create your own! Using the buttons below, register for a free account, and get your own fillable Business Model Canvas template.

You will use this template throughout this course.

Now that you have your Canvas, how do you start filling it out?

Learn how the Canvas works in the real world. Check out these case studies:


Check out this video on how the Business Model Canvas applies to some top companies

Have you completed your required work on your Business Model Canvas? Great!

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